A VICTORIAN INSPIRED VISION BUILT FOR A 21ST CENTURY LiFESTYLE. A New World Reality is Born, Compliments of Crescendo.

Marina Del Rey, CALIFORNIA

Our client came to us with a distinct vision, curated from her extensive Pinterest and Houzz “idea” collections.

Crescendo took this inspiration and built it into a designer’s dream kitchen of the future. The result is a symmetrical and harmonious design where state-of-the-art appliances visually align with each other as a "sum of the parts” making the greater whole.

Noteworthy amenities include a custom range hood, apron sink, furniture legs on the center island, Criss-cross French fixture lighting, and Rev-A-Shelf drawer system. And there are the less visible, but no less inspired experiences that Crescendo created. These include custom laser letter engravings on the individual drawer fronts, within the pantry. Classic lettering creates the words, "Biscuits", "Bread", and "Baking" into a solid walnut interior.

At Crescendo there is no touch too small when it comes to making our clients smile.

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