The modern build. It connotes elegance, utility, usability and intelligence. These spaces feature simple lines and imaginative surfaces deliver the vision for our client who prefers next-gen aesthetics. Crescendo brings advanced technical skills from the previzualization design process (featuring detailed renderings) through material sourcing and then to flawless execution where the dream comes to life.


We source our wood from the finest reclaimed lumber mills in the western U.S. This means we have access to a greater variety of aged woods from barns, houses, and structures all over the U.S, many dating back over a century. And then comes our real value, knowing how to choose the right wood for your particular project that will yield the minimum amount of waste. We may go through over a hundred pieces to find that “perfect” one. Then we bring these beauties "in the raw" into our shop where we meticulously finish and treat the wood, giving them new life and luster. Newly reincarnated, they will stand up to the rigors of modern life by looking great and performing even better.

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